December 26, 2003
U.S. Upset That French Released Airline Passengers Without Probable Cause

Should Have Detained Passengers A Year Or Two, Says Ashcroft

On Thursday, French officials said they had released all the passengers, including one French citizen, one American, one German and several Algerians. "There was absolutely nothing there," said a spokesman for the French Interior Ministry.
John Ashcroft and other high ranking Bush Administration officials said the French were "soft on terror" after they released all the passengers booked on six Air France flights to Los Angeles after a mere ten hours. Authorities believed that some of the passengers may have had links to al Qaeda and may have had plans to do something in the future to someone or something somewhere.

"This is not the way we deal with terrorists in the United States," said Ashcroft. "If you're serious, you detain everybody for at least a year."

Andy Card agreed. "The French had no reason to believe that any of those passengers was not connected to terrorism, but still they just let them march right out of custody and back to their lives and families. Pathetic."

"I guess it must be a froggy thing," said Ashcroft.

At first officials suspected that those who showed up to board the flight could be terrorists, but they now suspect that those who did not show up to take the flight could be terrorists.

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