September 24, 2014
Indian Mission to Mars Outsourced to U.S.

An Indian spacecraft affectionately nicknamed MOM reached Mars orbit on Wednesday, beating India's Asian rivals to the Red Planet and outdoing the Americans, the Soviets and the Europeans in doing so on a maiden voyage and a shoestring budget. -- NY Times

In an attempt to save money on costly Indian engineers, India outsourced the design and execution of its space project to illegal aliens in the United States. "There is no cheaper work force than the unwelcome immigrants of the United States," explained Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "And you can pay them off the books," he added.

The illegal aliens making up the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission task force took time off from American janitorial work, babysitting, and house cleaning in order to finish the project. All of them had been highly competent aeronautical engineers in their countries of origin, Modi noted.

None of the members of the alien task force were Indian, because all of the Indian engineers living in the United States did IT work for major U.S. corporations, sources said.

Parenthetically, many U.S. engineers have been emigrating to India in order to find work. Most of them end up working in customer service call centers.

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June 30, 2014
Pfizer, Walmart, Apple Claim Religious Objection to Paying Taxes

The world's most profitable companies banded together today to note that their religions look upon paying taxes as "an abomination in God's eyes." The announcement came just minutes after the Supreme Court ruled that private for-profit companies can opt out of laws requiring them to do that which they find religiously objectionable, because "corporations are people, too," according to Justice Alito.

The decision pertained to an arts and crafts company, Hobby Lobby, an absolutely ridiculous name, owned by a family who religiously objected to methods of contraception which they mistakenly decided cause abortions.

Exxon Mobil announced that it had religious objections to cleaning up oil spills. It also announced that, as a person, it would appreciate it if people would be courteous enough to hold the door for it when it was rushing to get on the elevator. It added that it was fairly certain that some people actually punched the "close doors" button just to prevent it from getting on.

Companies all over the world revealed that they had deeply religious affiliations holding that government regulation is "against God's will," and that God believed that the market will take care of everything. "That's why He created it," said Samsung, who was on its way to pick up a sandwich at a local deli.

Chase Manhattan Bank explained that God wanted it to do whatever it wanted to do without government interference, and that from now on, it would be charging a minimum of 30% interest on loans and delinquent credit card payments from now on. It also noted that it would indeed threaten to break anyone's legs who didn't "give the dough to Vinny when I send him around."

Felicity Daniels of Minnesota criticized the Supreme Court decision, because, among other things, corporations are always eating off her plate when they go out to dinner, or bragging about their kids in annoyingly loud cell phone calls when she's behind them in line at the supermarket.

"Now they'll just be insufferable," she sighed.

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June 14, 2014
Bush, Cheney, GOP Call Upon Obama To Invade Iraq Again

In the wake of new violence in Iraq, Former President Bush, Dick Cheney, and other Republican leaders called upon President Obama to "exercise the same good judgment that we did when we went into Iraq in the first place." They insisted that Obama should send U.S. military forces into Iraq immediately.

Bush told reporters that Obama should "emmuhlate" his decision in 2005 to invade Iraq again, noting that "whoever has been in charge of Iraq for the past ten years sure has made a mess of it."

Sen. John McCain (R. - Hypocrisy) faulted Obama for failing to overcome Iraqi President Nouri al-Malik's refusal to permit U.S. troops to stay past 2011. "He should have sent the troops over to al-Malik's house to make him 'an offer could not refuse,'" McCain told reporters. When reporters laughed, McCain responded angrily, saying, "I'm serious."

Americans in all of the red states agreed, faulting Obama. The opinion of Ted Filibuster of Kansas is typical: "I don't know why we don't take over the whole fucking Middle East," he said, adding that the U.S. would be better off fighting wars in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and EuroDisney. "The troops could get R&R at EuroDisney when they need it," he offered.

Dick Cheney agreed.

N.B. Dick Cheney never disappoints: five days after I wrote this, he and his diaghter Liz penned an editorial in the Wall Street Journal saying of Obama, ""Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many." I thought he was finally apologizing for George W. Bush.

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June 12, 2014
Republicans Proposing New "Some Men Left Behind" Rule

Republicans in both the House and the Senate are considering legislation that will require the government to evaluate the worth of soldiers before deciding whether or not to rescue or recover them.

"The Bowe Bergdahl trade has made it clear that we should reconsider this "No Man Left Behind" rule, said Sen. Kelly Ayote (R. - N.H.). In response, Ayote proposed creating panel of conservative Republicans to review what they call a soldier's "liberty credentials." The ratings given any particular soldier would not be subjective, she insisted, but instead based on a point system. For instance, the point system would take into account the physical appearance of the soldier's parents; as an example, soldiers whose fathers have frightening beards would lose ten points.

Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed, noting that "it's clearly not worth risking the lives of a bunch of good god-fearing soldiers on, say, an atheist."

It is uncertain how most Americans feel about the proposal. A survey found that a majority of Americans were too busy watching reality television to answer questions on the subject.

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May 15, 2014
Colbert Explains How Diabolically Evil Hillary Clinton Is

Ohhhh, she's clever:

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March 19, 2014
NJ Port Authority Chief Admits He Diverted Malaysian Plane

During tense questioning by investigators into the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge, the Chief of the New Jersey Port Authority, David Samson, suddenly blurted out that he had diverted the missing Malaysian plane. "Oops," he said.

He said that he and his "minions" had diverted the plane as an experiment to see whether the technique he and his team used could be applied to planes carrying New Jersey officials who failed to back Christie during his 2013 re-election campaign.

He declined to describe the technique that he and his group of "henchmen" used, saying that he was applying for a patent on it.

Samson refused to elaborate on the location of the missing plane "on the advice of my attorneys," he said.

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March 17, 2014
Malaysia Misplaces Search and Rescue Teams

The Malaysian government today revealed that it was not sure where its search and rescue teams were and that they and lost radio contact with them entirely. "We are not really sure where we sent them," said Idris Jala, a Malaysian government official.

Jala admitted that they had given the search and rescue teams so many conflicting accounts of where the missing Malaysian plane was last seen or was expected to be, that the government itself had lost track of all of the locations. "They could be anywhere, really," said Jala.

Search and rescue teams are now searching for the missing search and rescue teams. To prevent the government from losing the new search and rescue teams, they have been equipped with the same flags on long sticks that Malaysian tour guides use to assist tourists in find them in crowded museums.

"Those always work," Minister of Tourism Ng Yen Yen stated. "We haven't lost a tour group in weeks."

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March 8, 2014
What are you giving up for Lent? I'm giving up hoping. . .

I'm giving up hoping that the Democratic Party grows a spine.

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March 6, 2014
Obama to Delay Affordable Care Act Until Cancer Cured and Pigs Fly

President Barack Obama issued an executive order today delaying the implementation of the Affordable health Care Act indefinitely, saying he wanted to delay its implementation long enough to give voters a chance to forget that it ever existed.

"There have been some headaches in implementing the Act," said Obama, "and we want people to be able to get treatment for those headaches under the insurance plans they have now." Obama urged those without insurance to go to their local hospital emergency rooms.

While often hailed as the signature achievement of his administration, critics have claimed that the Act puts onerous requirements on small businesses, large businesses, multinational corporations and "other people," as Senator Mitch McConnell put it.

More to come....

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September 30, 2013
Top Ten Thirteen Fifteen GOP Demands to Avoid Government Shutdown

1) Defund Obamacare.

2) Require that every freshman congressperson wear a beanie with a propeller during their first year in office.

3) Require that every child eat his or her peas.

4) Eliminate Medicare.

5) End Welfare.

6) Do away with any other government program ending in "care" or "are."

7) Get rid of any other government program that is, like those other programs, supported by a majority of Americans.

8) Drown government in a bathtub.

9) If you can't drown government in a bathtub, just start with the Senate Majority Leader and work your way up.

10) Crown Senator Ted Cruz King and make Rep. Eric Cantor his Queen (who will also be known as "his bitch.") A bunch of other Senators can also be crowned queens. They know who they are.

11) Every Tuesday in Congress will henceforth be Bingo night.

12) Rename the Navy Bean Soup served in the Congressional Commissary "Our Brave Men and Women of the Armed Forces Who Place Themselves in Harm's Way Every Day to Protect Our Liberties" Bean Soup. Anyone who opposes this is a communist.

13) Tilt the country on its side so that all the poor people slide off into the sea.

14) Make that horrible rap and community-threatening hip hop illegal.

15) Reshoot Breaking Bad so it's about a teacher who gets cancer and decides not to cook meth, but instead decides to rely on his Healthcare Savings Account, which he's built up to $5000 over the course of the preceding three years. Make it have a happy ending and make it seem like it at least makes the slightest bit of sense.

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