October 7, 2003
Bush Names Self Poet Laureate of United States; Won't Give Up Day Job

To Condoleezza Rice

Flesh Wounds Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I'm Gonna Give
to You

To Dick

Here's to You,
Old Bump On My Head
When I Gave The State of The Union Speech
You Sat Behind Me, Just Out of My Reach
Sometimes You'd Be Bored
Sometimes You Would Smile
I Would be Remiss
Not To Call It A Grimace

A Haiku

How many syllables
Are there supposed to be in this durn pome
I cannot count

To Reporters, On Israel

I know that I
Am Not Delirious

I read today
They attacked Syria(-sss)

No need to keep Israel's missiles
way up on her shelves
I'm always saying
Israel Must Protect Theirselves

Posted by Tom Burka at 9:02 AM in News