July 8, 2003
Majority of Americans Believe Bush "Stretched The Truth"

Smaller Group Says Truth Was Put On The Rack And Made To Sing "Danny Boy"

Yesterday, PollingReport.com reported that a majority of Americans believed Bush "stretched the truth" but did not tell a lie in making the case for the Iraq war.

scaredgumby.jpgTen percent of Americans stated that the White House had stretched the truth so much that it looked like Gumby after he had been pulled in opposite directions by two teams of Budweiser Clydesdales.

According to the poll, most Americans also believe that:

  • seven to twelve half-truths equal a whole truth;
  • a white lie is fibbing but not really lying; and
  • reckless exagerration constitutes massaging the facts but not maiming them.

Significant numbers of people polled also believed that Saddam Hussein was the direct cause of the World Trade Center attack, that the war uncovered links between Saddam Hussein and al Queda, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the governor of California for the past three years.

Which would you say is the best way to complete the following sentence?

A "white lie" can reasonably justify the loss of:

(a) 100 lives;
(b) 500 lives;
(c) 1000 lives;
(d) Not even a single life.
Posted by Tom Burka at 11:26 AM in News