July 7, 2003
Bush Defends Blair Against Claim That British "Sexed Up" Intelligence Dossier

Bush Plays Golf, Too; Uses Nine-Iron

President Bush, commenting on the BBC's claim that Tony Blair had "sexed up" British intelligence reports about 's WMD development, said, "These were not sexy dossiers, and rumors that these dossiers were provided to high level ministers during visits to sperm banks are absolutely untrue."

Bush said, "I know the British are kinky, but they're not that kinky."

BBC's Michael Tottingham-Smythe-Fitzhugh-Byrne stated otherwise: "These were the sexiest dossiers I'd ever seen. They were dripping with black lace. I didn't see all of them but these were the kind of dossiers where what you weren't able to see was covered up in a way which just made you want to see more."

Ari Fleischer stated: "I saw the dossiers and frankly, they didn't do a thing for me."

Fitzhugh-Byrne later remarked, "If they didn't affect him, then he's not a man."

Posted by Tom Burka at 3:55 PM in News