December 9, 2015
Trump Pledges to Get to Bottom of "This Gassy Thing"

Donald Trump today expressed his growing frustration with the bloating, belching and excessive gas "that has been completely unchecked by this Administration,"and proposed an immediate ban on a great number of foods, including peppers and "anything Mexican." The ban would remain in effect until such time as "we figure out what's causing it and where all this gas is coming from."

Trump also cursed the "scourge of itchy skin bumps" that has resulted from the "porous U.S. border admitting radicalized mosquitos of all kinds", and unveiled his plan to build a net that would cover the entire nation -- with the possible exception of Puerto Rico, because "nobody cares about it anyway."

Trump revealed several other pressing initiatives, including banning all dogs to "stop the barking" and a temporary moratorium on births "until we can figure out why they're crying all the time." "I'm going to fix everything, and America will be better, and the world will be better, and if you don't vote for me-- well, everything's going to fall apart. It is falling apart. It is falling apart already."

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