December 2, 2014
Fat Albert Says He Was Also Abused by Cosby

Today Fat Albert joined the group of women who have reported being sexually abused by Bill Cosby, saying that he was considering his legal options but had not yet decided how to handle the situation.

"Hey, hey, hey," Albert told reporters, "I was molested and humiliated."

Fat Albert, who became known to millions through an early Cosby standup routine recounting events from Cosby's childhood, and was also featured in an animated children's television show bearing his name.

Albert recounted several times when he drank beverages given him by Cosby, after which he passed out and awoke with his clothes in a state of disarray and a distinct feeling that something untoward had happened to him. In later years, Cosby would invite him back to his dressing room and Cosby would more boldly engage in what Albert called "inappropriate contact."

"Hey,hey hey--he would say we were going to play 'buck buck,'" said Albert, "which was correct except for one letter."

Mr. Cosby refused to comment on the allegations, and also refused to answer reporters' questions aboutNoah, whom Cosby has described as a close personal friend. "But we were not as close as he might claim," Cosby said.

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