October 21, 2003
DOS Attacks, Not Dos Attacks, Says Host

Wanna know why my site has been going up and down like a yo-yo? Go below the fold to find out.

My host, Hosting matters, which is a fine and well-run establishment, has been subject to DOS (Denial of Service) attacks which have forced them to reconfigure their servers and move to Venezuela or something.

Hosting Matters is a great place, but they're just as susceptible to this kind of nonsense as Microsoft Corp. and any other non-Apple system. Hopefully, they've licked the problem. However, when the server is down, you can't get to me and I can't post. (Calpundit and many other fine bloggers have been in the same boat.) So if posting seems light, or spotty, this is why.

The management has no regrets. We apologize anyway.

By the way, I understand I would have gotten over two thousand hits today if it weren't for this problem, so if you all could just pretend tthat I did, I'd be much obliged.

Posted by Tom Burka at 11:26 AM in Notices