July 15, 2003
Karen Hughes To Head New U.S. Ministry of Truth

Former White House Staffer Karen Hughes has agreed to return from Texas to head up the new Ministry of Truth, a new branch of the Federal Government designed by Karl Rove and Dick .

"I've spent enough time with my damn family," said Hughes, explaining a return to public service which was just as sudden and unexpected as her recent departure from the White House last year.

The new Ministry of Truth's job will be to rewrite history, especially the speeches, statements and positions of the Adminstration, and of Bush himself, both since taking office and during then-Governor Bush's campaign before Bush took office.

The Ministry will also track down print, TV, and internet journalism and redraft past stories so that they "more accurately convey what we're saying the President has been saying the whole time."

"This is not a dramatic reorganization of government," said departing White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. "We're just trying to formalize something we've been been doing all along."

In a press conference today, a reporter asked Hughes about the adminstration's utter failure to successfully pursue Osama bin Laden.

Hughes answered, "We're at war with Saddam Hussein. We've always been at war with Saddam Hussein."

Posted by Tom Burka at 11:04 AM in News