November 5, 2014
GOP Pledges to "Turn Economy Around," i.e., Will Take It Straight Down Again

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus promised Election Night that the new GOP-controlled congress will "turn the economy around," meaning, presumably, that they intend to run it entirely into the ground once again.

"We need to emulate the success of the Bush Administration," said Priebus, who said that Republicans were exploring possible options to take the economy back down into the gutter.

Prebus revealed that Mitch McConnelll was already in talks with Goldman Sachs about how to help them reverse the direction of economic development.

"AIG and other prominent financial players, as we speak, are creating complicated but ultimately worthless financial products that will be enormously profitable while ultimately leading to the downfall of modern society as we know it," Priebus bragged.

"Yes, yes, unemployment is now the lowest its been since 2008, and there are more jobs available today than at any time since 2001," Priebus acknowledged, "But you have to ask yourself, does that really put food on the tables of the One Percent?"

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