August 6, 2003
GOP, Most Democrats Miss Bold New Internet Strategy For Grassroots Support

KEVIN O’CONNOR, A 53-year-old investment banker, went to Denver’s first gathering of Dean supporters in early February at a small downtown coffee shop, drawn by a posting on Eight people showed. Now the group has to keep changing the venue to fit the 100-plus people who turn out every month, one of more than 600 Dean “Meetups” across the country. So far, O’Connor has contributed $500 to the campaign and plans to give more.
- Newsweek

deanmeetup.gifWelcome to Howard Dean's Meetup! The first Wednesday of every month has now become the source of exciting new social opportunities that will open up your lifestyle to everything true romance has to offer!

There are maybe 79,999 people out there just waiting to "meet up" with you. You're hot, you're sexy, and people find it appealing that you're involved and positive about an individual's ability to influence national elections at the grassroots level.

Women: Remember, the key to romance is that you're intelligent, assertive, and know what you want in a man. That's why you're there for Howard Dean. Men will find your enthusiasm for Dean stunningly, tantalizingly attractive. Don't to forget to let the phrase "Joe Trippi rocks" bounce invitingly off your tongue to wrap that magic man in your spell and keep him forever.

Remember: grass roots, not bleached roots.

Men: There's nothing a woman likes more than a guy who can say he "gave big to the candidate" and has "access." Make sure your Meetup tag is strategically placed to draw attention where you really want it. Dean has the best demographic among nubile, lithe women taut with anticipation and yearning for the thrills offered only by the active man in-the-know about Democratic politics and fully plugged-in to the presidential campaign.

We're glad you've chosen Howard Dean as your vehicle to exciting new relationships.

Howard Dean's MeetUp: it's not just for getting elected.

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