June 12, 2014
Republicans Proposing New "Some Men Left Behind" Rule

Republicans in both the House and the Senate are considering legislation that will require the government to evaluate the worth of soldiers before deciding whether or not to rescue or recover them.

"The Bowe Bergdahl trade has made it clear that we should reconsider this "No Man Left Behind" rule, said Sen. Kelly Ayote (R. - N.H.). In response, Ayote proposed creating panel of conservative Republicans to review what they call a soldier's "liberty credentials." The ratings given any particular soldier would not be subjective, she insisted, but instead based on a point system. For instance, the point system would take into account the physical appearance of the soldier's parents; as an example, soldiers whose fathers have frightening beards would lose ten points.

Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed, noting that "it's clearly not worth risking the lives of a bunch of good god-fearing soldiers on, say, an atheist."

It is uncertain how most Americans feel about the proposal. A survey found that a majority of Americans were too busy watching reality television to answer questions on the subject.

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