May 4, 2012
Romney Calls New Jobs Report "Very Disappointing"; Wishes More Had Been Laid Off

Mitt Romney told Fox News earlier that he found today's jobs report extremely disappointing, because the unemployment rate was simply not high enough to promote growth in American businesses.

"We all know the key to growing America's corporations is cutting the fat," Romney said. "Laying off lots and lots of workers is the key to maximizing profits and getting this economy back on its feet."

Romney explained that he wanted to help American workers by laying them off and giving them a robust economy where they could consume more goods and prop up more CEOs, "because well paid business executives are the people who create companies that create jobs that people can be laid off from."

George Poppadopomous, a former worker who lost his job last month, angrily questioned Romney outside the Fox News studios. "Can't you think of a better way to grow the economy besides firing workers?" he asked.

"Absolutely," answered Romney. " You can also cut medical benefits."

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