April 8, 2005
In Diplomatic Snafu, Bush Gives Social Security Speech To Throngs of Papal Devotees

Mourners Nonetheless Intrigued By Notion Of Private, Personal Accounts

Yesterday President Bush, when asked just outside of the Vatican to comment on his viewing of the Pope, accidentally launched into a spiel about Social Security and the need for reform. He unfortunately drew his words from a speech he gave upon visiting the U.S. Treasury Department's Bureau of Public Debt earlier this week.

The President told millions of the Pope's followers and admirers waiting for a glimpse of the Holy Father, "There's really nothing in there," as he gestured toward the Vatican. "All that's in there is really just a bunch of I.O.U.'s."

In what the White House has called "a miracle," most of the crowd was unable to make sense of the President's statements.

Senior officials at the White House claimed that it was the right time and place for a speech about Social Security, noting that a funeral is always a good time to talk about planning for retirement.

Posted by Tom Burka at 9:25 AM in News