May 23, 2003
"Leadership Luncheon" With Karl Rove To Include Braised Flank of
Laidoff Auto Worker And More

Millionaires Call Dishes "Absolutely Divine"

Karl Rove is kicking President Bush's fundraising activities into high gear, featuring a raft of spectacular events that monied corporate interests and wealthy financiers just can't miss. Coming up soon is a $5000 a plate meal featuring the finest cuisine Republicans have to offer.

First Course
Carpaccio of Disenfranchised Minority
served with a variety of corporate capers, picked fresh from the exploits of Enron, Global Crossing, Halliburton, and drizzled with Harken Energy oil

Second Course
Glazed-over Gaze of Average American
served under a reduction of diversified and unbiased media

Third Course
Filet of Middle Class Taxpayer
lightly seared, gently cajoled, cradled in a bed of insincere promises and propelled by a subtle distillation of fear

Poor Man's Souffle
soaked by the essence of Privileges of the Very Rich

Posted by Tom Burka at 2:12 PM in Top Stories