March 17, 2014
Malaysia Misplaces Search and Rescue Teams

The Malaysian government today revealed that it was not sure where its search and rescue teams were and that they and lost radio contact with them entirely. "We are not really sure where we sent them," said Idris Jala, a Malaysian government official.

Jala admitted that they had given the search and rescue teams so many conflicting accounts of where the missing Malaysian plane was last seen or was expected to be, that the government itself had lost track of all of the locations. "They could be anywhere, really," said Jala.

Search and rescue teams are now searching for the missing search and rescue teams. To prevent the government from losing the new search and rescue teams, they have been equipped with the same flags on long sticks that Malaysian tour guides use to assist tourists in find them in crowded museums.

"Those always work," Minister of Tourism Ng Yen Yen stated. "We haven't lost a tour group in weeks."

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