January 19, 2009
The Bush Years, Part Two: Bush and the Iraq War

The history of the Iraq War in headlines:

Bush Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Iran, and North Korea "Totally Different" Than Neocon Plan to Invade Iraq, Syria, Iran, and North Korea

Bush makes Last Ditch Attempt to Avoid Diplomatic Solution

U.S. Marines Discover Hidden Trove of Extra Hussein Sons

Marines Encounter More Than Just Pockets of Resistance in Baghdad, Try to Fend Off Complete Pants

Deck of Cards Mixup Leads to Accidental Killing of Actual King of Hearts

Iraqis Celebrate; U.S. Soldiers Shoot Them

Iraqis Protest Shooting of Iraqis by U.S. Soldiers; U.S. Soldiers Shoot Them

U.S. Forces Stop Shooting Iraqis; Offer Them $40 Instead

Paul Bremer Takes Over; U.S.-Iraq Administrator Jay Garner Demoted to Shoulder Rest For Reporters At Press Conferences

Claimed Iraqi Bioweapons Trailers Revealed To be Winnebagos

Indiana Husband Claims Wife Has WMD, Wants Regime Change and $100 Billion For Rebuilding

Cheney Makes Surprise Thanksgiving Visit To Undisclosed Location

White House Afraid That Fact That White House Authorized Torture Causing Growing Perception That White House Authorized Torture

Stupid Senseless Deaths Inevitable Part of Stupid, Senseless War, Says Rumsfeld

And naturally, the most recent development:

Bush To Invade Iraq Again

Last night, in an address to the nation, President Bush explained that he would have to "invade Iraq again," because "it's an awful mess over there." He said he was "not sure who was in charge" in Iraq, but that it had again become the "nexus of the axis of evil."
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