July 14, 2008
Satire of Fear Scares Crap Out Of Everyone

obama-newyorker.jpgA satiric drawing meant to make fun of all the things that scare poorly informed, rabidly ignorant Americans about Barack Obama has terrified Barack Obama's campaign team, who are concerned that it will scare poorly informed, rabidly ignorant Americans about Barack Obama.

"This drawing, " said a campaign staffer, "will scare people who are already good and god damned scared of Obama." She said that she and the Obama campaign were "frightened to death" of the "awful, frightful picture."

The drawing appeared on the cover of the latest New Yorker magazine. The drawing depicts Obama wearing a Moslem outfit in front of a picture of Osama bin Laden hanging in Obama's living room, bumping fists with his terrorist wife, who is wearing a bandolier and bearing an assault rifle, as they burn the American flag in the fireplace. "This is so funny. This is a funny, funny, funny picture," said New Yorker editor David Remnick. He pointed to the burning American flag and said, "Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha."

The image also scared the bejesus out of ignorant, uninformed Americans everywhere. Dale Flyspeck of Molasses, Missouri said that he was glad the New Yorker had produced evidence that backed up rumors he has been spreading for months about Barack Obama. "I can't believe they got that photo of Obama yackin' it up in his secret terrorist enclave," he said. "I hope the guy who took the photo got out alive."

Professor Darren Costigyan, an expert on fear, contacted Opinions You Should Have and objected to the term "ignorant Americans."

"They're not ignorant Americans," said Costigyan, "They're your run-of-the-mill, everyday consumers of the Associated Press and American cable TV news."

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