July 16, 2007
Joe Wilson Supports Hillary Clinton

I'm not used to posting real news here -- but everything I post here is at least metaphorically true, so this is really no different, right?

I was just part of a conference call where Joe Wilson announced his endorsement of Hilary Clinton for President. He explained that he has known her for a decade, and that, in his mind, she has an appropriately sophisticated and comprehensively thought-out approach to Iraq that makes him think she has what it takes to resolve that mess. Listening to him, he clearly thinks that she brings more experience, intelligence and toughness to the table on foreign affairs than the other candidates. I'll post links as they become available.

By the way, I asked Ambassador Wilson if he would be interested in serving in some post in the next adminstration -- because so many have admired his stance on Iraq and his outspokenness on the issue -- and he said he was planning on staying to Santa Fe. (He also said that if called on, he would find it hard to say no.)

Updates as they become available.

Update: Some have asked me, "So what?" Short answer: This is a big endorsement in that it is designed (and is likely) to shore up support for Hillary amongst the netroots.

Other takes by Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh, and Greg Sargent at TPMCafe. Steve Clemons of the Washington Note has more to say about what the endorsement means.

Update II: More from Dave Johnson and Tom Watson.

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