September 19, 2006
Buy This Book. Save America.
"Liberalism properly understood is not just consistent with the American idea. Liberalism properly understood is the American idea." -- Mario Cuomo

Most Americans absolutely support liberal values and would like to see them advanced. How then is it that Democrats don't strongly rebut Republican rhetoric and trumpet -- and practice -- liberal values? How did America get steered so far to the right and how can we move it back to where it should be? Bill Scher of has the answers. He's written nothing less than a do-it-yourself guide to saving American democracy.

scherbook.jpg"Wait! Don't Move to Canada! -- Ten Steps to a Liberal America", released today, is what I believe is the most important book on liberal politics currently in print. With amazing clarity, it details the precise strategy the Democrats need to win back America and save it from years of disastrous Republican policies. Don't let the title fool you -- this a serious and wise book that everyone should read.

Remarkably easy to read, Scher's book methodically lays out the values that liberals embrace and that the Democratic Party has been mysteriously running away from for years. It is the perfect companion to "Crashing the Gate," Markos Moultitsas Zuniga's book on the mechanics of transforming top-down Democratic Party politics into a more democratic and broad-based entity infused and enlivened by the grassroots values. Markos purposefully avoids describing in that book is what those values are. Don't Move to Canada describes those liberal grassroots values and how they can best be articulated.

If the Democratic Party adopted the platform Scher outlines in his book, they would have a chance to remake America as a country that embodies the ideals on which it was founded and which we have come to identify as making America great.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It's very reasonably priced ($8!) so you can buy a bunch of copies and give them out on the street.

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