January 10, 2006
Stay Tuned

I'm a little backed up with other writing: but there will be fresh blogging here, soon. In the meantime:

Great 24/7 blogging of the Alito hearing over at Liberal Oasis this week.

Think Progress is, per usual, doing a fine job of fact checking everyone and everything.

Avedon Carol over at The Sideshow reminds us about the little known result of the '"election" in 2000. I don't know how Avedon does it, but she manages to keep up with everything worth knowing in the blogosphere and the news; read her daily.

I've also been reading Doghouse Riley, who does a great recap of Roger Ailes's takedown of Captain Ed and throws in some additional punches.

Speaking of which, you can't go wrong reading all of Roger Ailes.

Update: On the Alito hearing, I should also mention ReddHedd's often funny and always informative blogging at Firedoglake. Her summary of Biden's questioning was dead on.

Further update: Avedon Carol is not just a great blogger, she's a woman. (I knew that.) Post corrected to accurately reflect gender.

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