July 8, 2005
hand_lg.gifBest of Blogtopia: Weekly Roundup

It's been another great week in America, and that means choice pickings in Blogtopia.

Liberal Oasis has two posts that contain the best thinking on how important it is for liberals to frame the upcoming Supreme Court battle and how they can do that.

Norbizness puts his finger right on the nub of what's going on in America today.

Whitehouse.org has Bush's speech after the London bombings. It would be funny it it weren't so sad.

Pudentella over at Skippy's (creator of blogtopia) has the metrics on whether we are losing the war on terror.

Liberal Oasis on why Judith Miller's communications with the White House aren't privileged. (I know, another Liberal Oasis link. My advice: read it every day.)

Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest reminds us about the duffel bags.

And last, but not least, the Norwegian translation of Opinions You Should Have!! Thanks, Hyorthen! Now if we could only read it . . .

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