July 29, 2005
hand_lg.gifMore Best of Blogtopia: Weekly Roundup

I know, I know: weekly, biweekly, I could never figure it all out.

So, on the day after two bills passed -- one bad energy bill the dems successfully sank last session -- and CAFTA -- a bill the Dems should have been able to sink like a submarine with the Titanic in its sights, here we go:

The Poor Man and Digby have something to say about the Democrats' incredible commitment and never-ending resolve to pull out all the stops in fighting for what they believe is right. (It involves a possible lack of testosterone -- or estrogen -- whichever you prefer.)

Addiestan shares some of her fan mail.

That Colored Fella has some interesting thoughts on Republican Ted Nugent's run for Governor of Michigan, i.e., should democrats support his bid?

Jesse Lee over at The Stakeholder tells about how one representative who wanted to vote against CAFTA, but his voting card allegedly didn't work -- and how another who claimed to want to vote against it was at a Boy Scouts meeting. I'll repeat that: a meeting of the Boy Scouts. (The vote was 217-215.) Look at the comments, there, too: I would like to know the names of the 15 democrats who voted for the bill.

And finally, more Norwegian Opinions You Should Have. It's about Karl Rove, as best I can guess.

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