June 29, 2005
Bush To Invade Iraq Again

Army Already In Place

Last night, in an address to the nation, President Bush explained that he would have to "invade Iraq again," because "it's an awful mess over there." He said he was "not sure who was in charge" in Iraq, but that it had again become the "nexus of the axis of evil."

Bush noted that this second invasion would be much easier to execute "because we already have most of our army in place."

Bush called on Americans to sacrifice "during this difficult time between American Idol seasons."

He said that the effort in Iraq was "worth it," saying that "we really have gotten a bang for our buck." He declined to put a figure on each dead or captured terrorist, only saying that it was probably "in the low billions."

"I am proud to have been instrumental in creating an entirely new front in the war on terror where one didn't exist even as recently as three years ago," he said. He ended by saying "9/11" a hundred-and-fifty times, and concluded, "Amen."

Posted by Tom Burka at 9:41 AM in News