September 15, 2004
hand_lg.gifThis Is What Weekends Were Made For

This is why people don't try to do stuff to their websites in the middle of the week. In an attempt to fix the comments (which now take several days to post -- and then in triplicate), and to solve several problems under the hood here, we broke everything. All the comments disappeared, apparently leaving for sunnier shores. So we got them back, but in the meantime I was in a state of non-posting frenzy. My able web guru Sekimori is on the case, however, and I expect a more smoothly functioning site sometime soon.

That means comments will post more quickly, or at least, no more double posts. I may moderate comments for a while -- not my preference, but an attempt to cut down on comment spam. If I moderate comments, regulars can register with Typekey, a free service, and their comments will be automatically approved.

I would rather not moderate, but I literally get a hundred or so spam comments a day, and while I understand that the primary purposes of the internet are porn, advertising, and advertising porn, I think my site should be relatively free of all three.

Posted by Tom Burka at 5:33 PM in Notices