January 10, 2004
Cabinet Meeting

President Bush showed little interest in policy discussions in his first two years in the White House, leading Cabinet meetings "like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people," former Treasury secretary Paul H. O'Neill says in an upcoming book on the Bush White House.
Official White House Transcript

Bush: Are we ready? Where the hell is everyone?

Secretary Rumsfeld: What the hell did he say?

Secretary Powell: Huh?

Bush: Can we get this meeting started? These people are always late.

Secretary Rumsfeld: I'm against the draft. That would be politically disastrous.

Secretary Snow: There is quite a draft here, but this economy is booming. I made $100,000 in investments in just the past week.

Bush: I think the Titans could go all the way this year.

Rumsfeld: What? I was talking about my memos!

Bush: [mumbling, to self] Place bet on Titans.

Secretary of Agriculture Veneman: His mouth keeps moving but nothing comes out. [to herself, whispered] Just like the campaign.

Bush: I have a workout, lunch, and a nap to get to, people.

Secreratry Veneman: Just don't eat the beef.

Secretary of the Interior Norton: Leaf? No, no, we burned those down.

Attorney General Ashcroft: Terrorists abound? Yes, yes. I just want it to be clear that, above all, I'm against naked statuary.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Thompson: I don't need an actuary. Rich people live longer, that's final. Look at .

Secretary of Labor Chao: I'm not against polyvinyl if it means an increase in manufacturing jobs.

Bush: Guys, turn the lights back on. [starts groping about]

Secretary of Education Rod Paige: Whoa!! Mr. President, is that you, or is that a child in my behind?

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