October 29, 2003
Bush Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Iraq is dangerous, and it's dangerous because terrorists want us to leave.

-- George W. Bush

Bush: If they invite us to stay, then we'll go. They've gotta invite us to stick around.

Bremer: (to Terrorists) What would you say about inviting us to stick around?

Terrorists: What?

Bremer: --you don't have to mean it or anything--

Terrorists: You can die -- no one's immune. You can both die.

Bremer: (turning away) I can't help you, Dubya.


Terrorists: We didn't know you were George Dubya Bush when we said you were occupying . . . . If we draw on you, you'll kill us.

Bush: There is that possibility.

Bremer: No, you'd just be killin' yourselves. So invite us to stick around, why don't you?

Terrorists: (tremblng with fear) . . . stick around why don't you?

Bush: Thanks, but we got to be going.

Just another day out on the wild frontier.

With apologies to William Goldman.

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