July 22, 2003
Democrat's Ad Calling Bush Misleading Misleading, Says GOP; Populace Confused By Endlessly Recursive Allegations

The GOP told television stations across the country not to air an ad calling President Bush a liar, "because that's a lie."

The GOP also said that any ad calling the President disgusting would be disgusting, and any ad calling the President effective would be effective. "It is what it says the President is," said Tom Bradowitch, a GOP spokesperson.

"Bush is not a misleader," he added, "He is our leader."

The GOP pointed out that the ad, which shows video of Bush telling Congress that "Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa" was misleading, because Bush was only saying that the British government had said that.

Television broadcasters made immediate plans to pull the ad upon learning of the enormous breadth of the ad's mischaracterization.

Al Tablehead, of KTTV in Peoria noted, "President Bush clearly was telling Congress that the British government is populated by morons. We knew -- the State Department knew, the White House knew, the CIA knew -- that the British Government had it wrong. I think when he said that, President Bush was urging us to attack Britain."

Posted by Tom Burka at 8:28 AM in News