June 18, 2003
Following Ancient Diplomatic Tradition, Sharon Will "Hound" Hamas Into Sanctioning Peace Treaty

Most Notable Diplomatic Posture Since Churchill Nagged Stalin At Yalta In 1945

Ariel Sharon joined the ranks of history's finest negotiators yesterday after promising to hound Hamas into supporting a Mideast peace agreement. In doing so, Sharon joined the ranks of the elite few who have successfully nudged the opposition party into signing a treaty -- or even into what some might call "extreme compromises." The tactic has only been used by some of history's greatest leaders.

A few famous examples:

1066 - The Badgering of Hastings: William the Conqueror harangues the Saxons until Harold II agrees to yield the English crown.

1190 B.C. - Odysseus hectors Aeneas into withdrawing from Troy and possibly Helen.

215 B.C. - Hannibal needles Philip of Macedonia, taunting him with elephants until he allies with Carthage.

1865 - Grant bullyrags Lee at Appomattox.

1876 - Custer pesters Sitting Bull at Little Big Horn. (considered to have been a mistake)

1914 - Extreme razzing of Archduke Ferdinand by Slav Gavrilo Princip (could I make this name up?) leads to World War I.

1941 - Roosevelt mercilessly heckles Hirohito until he resigns from World War II. (Some consider dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a factor.)

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