March 5, 2003
Powell Accuses Hussein of Trying to Divide Security Council

Powell accused Saddam Hussein of creating a "vicious rift" in the U.N. security council with his "divisive tactics of destroying weapons," and his "ruthless acommodation of U.N. inspectors' demands." "This guy will simply not stop at anything," said Powell. "We must put a stop to these foul and despicable tactics of acceding to U.N. desires," he said. If Saddam Hussein can satisfy France, Russia, and Germany, "there's no telling who else he might disarm for." Powell added that the "time for action was now," lest Saddam Hussein destroy even more of his "vile arsenal."

"He's not fooling anyone with this crap," said Powell. "Well, except for a lot of nations. And a lot of people who live in those nations. And a lot of people outside of those nations. I don't know what he's up to with this disarmament stuff, but I do know this." Powell said nothing more but kicked a chair over and clenched his fists several times.

Posted by Tom Burka at 9:36 PM in News