March 27, 2003
Boy, That Eric Alterman Sure Knows How to Cheer a Guy Up

On March 25, a Eric Alterman wrote (accurately):

The invading force turns out to have been too small.

Homeland security is a joke, and starved for resources.

Oil prices are going sky high and the market had its worse day in six months, during which time it had a lot of bad days.

The first $75 billion is just a downpayment. Expect to pay hundreds of billions in the short-term, trillions in the long run. Expect it to come out of your schools, your police forces, your highways, your future and your children’s future

Oh, and then there’s the rest of the world. Arthur Schlesinger lays it out in Newsweek” and the Los Angeles Times :
“Today it is we Americans who live in infamy.”

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